Wednesday, February 01, 2006

File under "Stupid Doos" category

Just when you thought Cultural Relativism was dying a cold and lonely death in obscurity, along comes some doos to remind one that Cultural Relativism is alive and kicking.

By way of example, let's start with some basic vocabulary. The French word "Con" translates literally as "cunt", but is also used to refer to stupidity and thickness. Interestly, the Afrikaans word "Doos" has as it's literal translation, "box" or "cunt", but is used extensively in the context of stupidity and thickness. So far so good.

Then you get to the real world. Take for instance, the French newspaper France Soir, that goes ahead and publishes a series of cartoons that have already been causing shit around the world:

"PARIS (Reuters) - A French newspaper reprinted on Wednesday a series of 12 Danish newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad that have sparked protests in the Muslim world and prompted Saudi Arabia to recall its ambassador from Denmark." More...

What kind of prime doos, or if you are French, 'quel con' goes ahead and publishes cartoons that have already caused an uproar? Considering that in France there are strict laws against publishing tracts that are considered anti-semetic or questioning of the jewish holocaust, it does appear as though there might another agenda being pushed here, other than just trying to boost sales (as the article notes, there are financial difficulties involved).

The point? In France "freedom of expression" is restricted, presumably to prevent contentious statements from being published, to avoid conflict and all the other reasons why people promote the restrictions on free speech. Besides this doos having the cultural sensitivity of a bull in a china shop, this is not about the right to publish whatever you want, its about the fact that we live on this planet and have to go along to get along. He really should have left well enough alone.

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