Tuesday, February 28, 2006


If there is one thing the French know how to do properly, it would have to be wine. Well Champagne, cognac and armagnac too, but as for your basic fermented grape juice, there are some remarkable French wines. After making wines in Bordeaux for 2000 years, it is pretty much down to a fine art these days.

When I think back to varsity and all the Tassies we drank by the liter, I have to wonder how we ever managed to consider Stellenbosch Farmer's Wineries top selling product as wine. Ok, Ok, it was cheap. And after all, it wasn't complete rotgut.

What with a bottle of Petrus trading around $1000, cheap is good. That's why I've enjoyed helping Charlie Skipwith of www.glug-glug.com. He knows where to find plenty of great wines in and around Bordeaux and the greater South-West region of France at a very good price.

At the moment he is only shipping to the United Kingdom, where he organizes tastings on a regular basis, which I highly recommend. If you ever go to a tasting, don't forget to tell him I sent you.


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