Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The city of the trees

You could possibly translate "de Villepin" as "from the city of the pine[tree]" very literally, but when the Prime Minister can't see the forest for the trees you have to wonder how he landed the job in the first place.

There were 135 demos in France on Tuesday. While the media coverage is centered on Paris and a couple of demonstrators getting the water canon treatment, the whole country is out on the street. I'm still waiting to see how much further this goes beyond just the CPE because there are other issues in play here; the CPE is just the focal point.

Dom is a career professional politician and has never stood in an election but is the top dog in the French government. God alone knows what kind of political shenanigans need to take place for that to happen. Nonetheless, one does imagine that if he wasn't just an appointee he might be listening more closely as to what happened on the streets of France today.

Over 2 million people marched against the idiotic CPE law today. The Le Monde website has a good graphic that gives an idea of the scale of the demos. The police estimate for Bordeaux was 31 000, but my minimum guess was 40 000. Its hard to say that the union figure of 100 000 is correct, but with 70 000 students here, it's not far off and was the third biggest demo nationally.


qrswave said...

wow! that's amazing. I was reading the stories early this morning (here in NY). I didn't have time to write something up. But had I, I would have bet that things are going to get much worse before they get better. The French government appears clueless.

jayzerz said...

yep - its truly crazy. Its like they have accepted the neo-liberal project as "the way, the truth and the light" and are on some kind of mission that makes evangelicals look tame. The scary part is that they have been trampling over their own democracy in the process. Thank fuck the people aren't taking it lying down.