Monday, March 27, 2006

France Demos : Sarko comes out of his corner

Sarko has broken cover and late today was proposing a "Contrat Unique", which if I understand correctly is breaking from Dom's CPE and CNE debacle. Any idiot who knows anything about the French labour laws would suggest the same thing. There are nearly 20 different job contracts in France and the whole system is so confusing that you can actually get paid by the state to go on a training course for 4 months to learn about how all of these contracts work and how to find a job in the ensuing quagmire.

So while Sarko is coming out with something that might sound like common sense, its the timing and agenda behind it that is full of kak. The word "sneaky" comes to mind and Sarko looks like he is about to abandon ship purely for his own personal political ambitions. Chirac wasn't available for comment as he was having a manicure.

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