Monday, March 27, 2006

Iran : Underneath the radar

Condi and John Bolton must be fuming. First Ariel goes and has a stroke, and now the frikkin' French are having strike.

The rhetoric against Iran over the last 2 weeks has been comparatively quiet, with a few reports of negotiations between the 5 Security Council members continuing apace, but with no clear position emerging to keep the UNSC process moving forward. By my reckoning these are the two reasons for this "slow down".

The first spanner in the works came when the old General lapsed into a coma and forced an early Israeli election - just one of things that you can't really plan on and it has thrown the whole timetable out of whack. My money would be on Kadima making a clean sweep in the election though, as they are up to speed with all the current planning at this stage of the game and it is far too risky to allow a new government in. Even if it is Likud. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. There is a timetable here, and it can't handle too many disruptions.

That's where the French come in. French media at moment is wall-to-wall CPE coverage - not a peep about the Iran issue, where only a few weeks ago the French Foreign Minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy, was going on about how Iran's nuclear energy project was a military project. Although he didn't get around to proffering any proof for that...

That was the end of February, now its a question if the French government is going to make it to the end of week. Just picture Dom pleading with Condi and John to stay on the Team, but trying to explain that his government might be packing its bags quite soon and any hint that France is going to be supporting air strikes against Iran would make that a reality overnight.

Any Imperialist games are out of the question for the French government at the moment - one false move and it will be tickets for the regime. I can only imagine that the level of invective against the French within the US State Dept must be even higher than it was back in 2003. I don't believe that France's internal issues will hold up the gameplan against Iran, but I do think it weakens Team America's planned agenda in the UNSC.

Tomorrow - Tuesday 28th March - promises to be very interesting. The Israeli elections and the French general strike are just two major events and both are interlinked via the Imperial project in the Middle East.

OK Now.

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