Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nous sommes tous Irakienne

We are all Iraqis. The problem with sitting on the fence about this, is that you get slashed to bits by the razor wire. There is an interesting article on ukurunet.info suggesting that "The French are Iraqis".

One of the reasons why I started this blog is because of Joanmarie Fubbs, my high school History teacher. Besides being an undercover ANC activist, she also had a great love for the French Revolution. Joanmarie was one of the few teachers I had in my inglorious high-school career who managed to teach me something useful. Her intensive lessons on the original French Revolution have stood the test of time and proved invaluable to me. I don't have to be French to appreciate how the French Revolution made our world, our lifetimes different. I do understand now, how we must overturn the existing order to liberate ourselves, taking nothing for granted.

Where the article falls short is that we are all subject to the same ordering being advanced by the PNAC, whether we are "French", "Iraqi" or "Swiss". We are all French, we are all Iraqi, we are all here. Include the rest of us, and this article is not just a nationalistic appeal but a global appeal.


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