Tuesday, March 21, 2006

O fok nou kom daar kak

"But still it isn't the zol we are both carrying that troubles me. It is the fucking computers. I am re-entering the European Union - Illegally. I have to pray They don't know that the Belgians expelled me from re-entering the E.U. when they released me from Leeuwen three months ago. I had better pray to all the gods they don't know. The problem is I know. Fuck, I saw Inspector van den Linden of the Belgian Airport BOB enter me into their intelligence database when they arrested me and Earl at Zaventem in Brussels back in '97. I wasn't nervous then but I am now. Bastard. My cover is well and truly blown. Interpol, The D.E.A., De Belgiese Rijkswacht and our own local SANAB - all know about me now. I just have to hope that I haven't been red flagged and that the EU Point of Entry computers are not linked between participating countries. They can't be. I mean I am travelling on a BENELUX visa - in your own name you prick - happily issued by the Netherlands five days ago dammit. BENELUX is tog Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg - and if the Dutch don't know that the Belgians are on my arse then the frogs sure as hell can't. Surely not? Fucking frogs. What was it that the Flemish okes in jail called them? Oh ja - verdomde kikkervreters. Fucking frog munchers. Oh shit I'm panicking. Breathe, breathe - shake hands with the kikkervreter koffiemoffie. He's attended to you the whole flight. He is your friend - Very nice flight m'sieu. Merci beaucoup! Keep breathing. Don't sweat. Whatever you do don't sweat. Get objective Al. Now! More..."
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in, along comes Al Lovejoy to blast that idea out of the water. I have just finished reading Acid Alex and I'm not sure when I will recover or read a book that comes close to it.

I lived in and around Cape Town and Stellenbosch in the 90's, I had many hazy days and nights, from De Akker and the Stag's Head to the shebeens of Langa and reading the book brought the whole scene all flooding back.

Al has had a kak time, no doubt about that. More than most people in a couple of lifetimes but the book that he has written is a catharsis. I mean not just for Al, but for the reader too.

Thanks Al. Great book. When can we see the fliek?


Al Lovejoy said...

Howzit, thanks for your comments. I am currently working on releasing an international version of Acid Alex through my agents in London. Then I will start hitting the screenplay full time. As soon as we have a shooting script, we will go into production...!

jayzerz said...

Schweet! Wow - thanks for stopping by Al. I'm following your progress on your website and as I say I can't wait for a Film version. Hang in there China.