Thursday, March 30, 2006

The revolution will not be televised

Stand up. The clock is running down and now is the time to stand up. The warmongers are ready to assault Iran and if we don't stop this now we are all up shit creek.

I am disgusted by what happened at the UNSC yesterday and I am horrified by the role the that French government has been playing in all of this. They have signed up on this absurd mission to ignite a global conflict on a scale that we have not seen before.

I hope that the French people wake up and realise just what their government has in store for them - their "Final Solution" to youth unemployment entails a war that will cut down their children. This has to be stopped now.

This affects every single human being on the planet. You are either with the warmongers or against them. I am against them.

There is a historical opportunity to stop this madness now and if the movement against the CPE can understand the bigger picture of just what the current French government is trying to pull off in concert with Team America and the Brits, there is the real possibility that we all can make a difference.

This is a global issue and all of us have to take a stand right now. No more Bullshit! Vive la Revolution!

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qrswave said...

things are happening fast.

I pray that our words do not fall on deaf ears for this is the moment of truth.