Monday, March 20, 2006

Strike Season kicks off : March 28th

PARIS (Reuters) - French unions and student bodies called on Monday for a general strike and protest marches on March 28 to pressure the government to withdraw a job law they say will create insecurity for a generation of young workers.

"All the unions are calling to make March 28 a day of demonstrations, strikes and work stoppages," said Rene Valadon, confederal secretary of the Force Ouvriere union after a meeting of France's main unions, student and high school groups. More...

The impetus for this year's Strike Season has been building since late January. I went to watch one of the first demonstrations on the 16th of Febuary at the Place de la Victoire which was a small affair, but it is remarkable to see how much the groundswell of support has grown in only the last two weeks.

Thursday this week will see a Student day of action and the official opening of the Season will be next week Tuesday with a General Strike. Woohoo.

I was thinking today that maybe what's good for the goose is also good for the gander; how about the people deciding that politicians are entitled to similar 2 year trial periods? If we are not satisfied we can boot them out without having to give a reason and they can go and join the back of the unemployment line or do a real day's worth of work. Or even better, if your boss is a real doos you can get him sacked within the first 2 years of being on the job.

I once worked for a company where that would have worked out just fine, as the new IT Director who got hired didn't know shit from shinola (frikkin' ex-Andersen Consultant) and it would have saved everyone a lot of hassle if I could have got him sacked without any reason.

Actually, come to think of it, I was part of the reason he did eventually get sacked, but that is another whole story.

OK Now.


qrswave said...

"how about the people deciding that politicians are entitled to similar 2 year trial periods? "

Oh, that's a classic! I love it!

jayzerz said...

Hehe, just wait until I do one of my informal surveys in the pub with that one.