Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tsotsi Taal

Sharp mfwetu. I am still waiting to hear the exact date but Totsi, the South African film that has won numerous awards at Film Festivals around the world and an Oscar, is due to be released in France in April. It is great that South African cinema is coming of age and that South African stories like this are finally being filmed.

People here in France all think that The Gods must be Crazy is the only South African film ever made. Wait, maybe that's true for a lot of other countries... Nevermind. I am looking forward to seeing the fliek and I might even buy popcorn. I also hope that I can get to watch it in VO (version original) because the French have this nasty habit of dubbing every foreign language film into French and I'll bet you a Black Label that they won't get the Totsi Taal translations right.

Heita daar now. OK?

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Anonymous said...

july has it on pre order status