Thursday, April 06, 2006

CPE v 2.0 to be released soon?

Rumours were circulating today that might rush forward the release of a new version of CPE, their job creation package aimed at the youth market, before even properly releasing version 1.0. The embattled Paris based has been struggling to release CPE in the face of an enormous user backlash. Users had pointed out that the package hadn't been through diligent Alpha testing, even though the official Consumer Council cleared it for use on Thursday last week., known for its buggy software, insisted that the CPE v 1.0 package, which contained code that could crash on users without reason within the first 2 years of use, was a "feature". Once an installation of CPE crashes it is unusable and the user has to find another copy to get started again. Consumer groups and users have been up in arms over the package and demanded that not release the package. On Friday Jakes Chirac, CEO of, announced that certain parts of CPE v 1.0 would be rewritten, so that the inexplicable crash period would be reduced to 1 year and phone support should offer a reason for the crash.

Users have been responding with Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, with a small minority employing "brute force hacks" against security guards, for the last two months. On Tuesday user groups carried out a massive DoS attack saying that a CPE Lite version still suffered from the same basic flaws. has invited users and consumer groups to the corporate headquaters to discuss the issue and rumours have emerged about a new version that may be headed for production, although there are no details available at the moment.


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