Monday, April 10, 2006 admits CPE v 1.0 is "un-patchable" has confirmed that it is going to release a fix for CPE v 1.0. After meeting with users and consumer groups last week, announced that a patched CPE v 1.0 won't be released, even as a Lite version. The fix for the "2 Year Crash Period" which has provoked numerous Denial of Service attacks and other hacks against the system, will effectively disable CPE v 1.0. with an entirely new version that is targeted at the youth market. Marketing managers have suggested that any new versions will have to be re-branded and released with an entirely new marketing strategy.

Users have hailed this as a victory for consumers, who have campaigned for months against the bug-ridden software. What remains to be seen though, is what happens to a similar package, CNE v 1.0. which is the small business version and is subject to the same "2 Year Crash Period" vulnerability. This package remains on the shelves although numerous "2 Year Crash Period" bugs have already been reported. has been becoming increasingly unpopular with users of late and all eyes are now watching the scheduled System Update which is expected to be released next year. The System Update, otherwise known as "Presidential Elections 2007", could lead to a major change in management at

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