Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Clear Iran

I am no fan of nuclear power. I believe that it is unsafe and the costs outweigh the benefits; there are alternative power sources that are safer, cheaper and more dynamic than nuclear power sources. Ecologically speaking, nuclear power is not on the agenda. The question that everyone shies away from is how to get rid of the spent nuclear fuel and dumping barrels of the shit on the ocean floor is not a solution in my book.

I can't condone what Iran has announced today, that they have enriched uranium, because I am convinced that there are alternative energy sources that all states should be working towards to developing together. That said, Iran has done nothing illegal. Of course, the entire "Western World" is taking this as an affront and Team America is falling over-itself in exclaiming that Iran deserves to be bombed back to the stone-age because they have dared to experiment with nuclear power sources.

None of this is the issue. The issue is that the neo-con crazies of Team America have worked hard to line up Iran as their primary conquest and there is fuck-all Iran , or any of us can do about it. Today, it's obvious that Iran is not going to take this lying down and we are set on a collision course here. In that sense, I say more power to Iran; don't stand down when Israel, Pakistan and India haven't signed the NPT, but who do actually have nuke weapons.

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qrswave said...

Hear, hear!

(I agree, btw, there are far better sources of energy than nuclear power. Unfortunately, the technology is readily available for many third world countries, whereas hydrogen and other sustainable energy technologies are still out of reach. This is a direct result of draconian patent laws and other regulations that allow corporations to hoard the benefits of knowledge and technology.)

jayzerz said...