Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Silence of the Lambs

7 Generals. OK, retired Generals. 7 retired Generals have their say about what a mess Rummy has made. He turns around and says - something to this effect - "we can't just go around changing the Secretary of Defence whenever someone is unhappy". Did I hear that right? What rock in the Kalahari did this doos climb out from under?

Nevermind David Icke, but Rummy is one scaly lizzard creature who is about to destroy the concept of civilian-military relations and oversight. What is evident in all of this, is that there is some serious dissent going within the rank and file if 7 ex Generals are speaking out. It would not be politic for serving Officers to be so candid, and in this case the retirees are serving as the proxy for those whose jobs are under Rummy's beady eye. He's already managed to create enough of those retirees himself.

Considering that the US Military has already been perverted into an armed militia to further George and his cronies pillage of the Middle-East, it is a tad late to be waking up to the fact the next jaunt into Iran might be difficult to justify legally, morally and constitutionally when you've already sown death and destruction in Iraq. This dissent in the ranks should have happened before Iraq, not now. Maybe some of those serving officers who are being ordered to plan the next phase are just coming to realise now that engaging with Iran is not going to be a "cakewalk". I hope they can't sleep at night. It's going to be a Long War.

It's highly unlikely that we will see a coup d'etat in the US, although stranger things have happened.

Even as the US resembles a tin-pot dictatorship more and more each day, the nature of the military as an instituion has changed. It has been "corporatised" much like the government itself. I reckon Rummy sees himself as CEO of US Military Inc and treats his job as though he was sitting on the board of some drug company. The all-volunteer military has become the public sector's largest employer and is run as a corporate structure. What can be out-sourced has been already, relying on sub-contractors and consultants (otherwise known as mercenaries). Long gone are any notions of defending the US or adherence to silly things like constitutions and ethics - that's just fluff that gets in the way of the business of fighting wars for fun and profit.

Are we to suffer in silence like the serving officers who are just "following orders" or can we do something about it?

We have take back our money systems, our governments and militaries. We have to reign them in and get rid of the "corporatist" ethic that places greed and profit over people. We have to "peoplise" our governments and our banks. Our armies have to be reformed and rebuilt to provide security and defence for us and our neighbours.

Organise, educate and participate!

OK Now.

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cas said...

In Portugal, in a same case, the defense minister would, already, been changed. And with him, the "little ones"...

jayzerz said...

I'm sure that in any 'normal' country the Defence Minister would have been hung out to dry a long time ago.