Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bangladesh factory rioting ends

Well that's the headline according to the BBC website. The truth is probably something more like "Millitary repress Bangladeshi workers":
"Police and security forces have been deployed to protect garment factories in industrial areas of Bangladesh.

The operation has prevented a repeat of widespread rioting which destroyed or damaged dozens of factories on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday." More...
Just because people aren't out in the streets torching cars and factories does not mean that they are happy. Even more so when you have to call out the army to quell an uprising. Apparently the stress has been to much for President Iajuddin Ahmed who has been shipped out to Singapore.

I don't think that this is the end of story. I know someone who works in the clothing industry here in France, and their production in Bangladesh is being held up. The factory is blaming the situation on a "conspiracy" against Bangladesh, such as noted by the BBC article. I think the only conspiracy here is between the factory owners and clothing companies who have been raping their workers for every last red cent that they can possibly squeeze out of a 7 day work week.

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