Friday, May 26, 2006

The Sunfish

I have no religion
I have no culture
I have only what
I invent for myself

When it's grey and starts to rain
We don't hear the crying
Of the hungry child
Because we know it's sunny in Spain

Troubledvision and misprinted words
Plague our global hamlet
Where the old and the young
Still live side by aching side

In god we entrust our dollars
In satan's arms we sleep every night
In our own arrogance we still believe
As we comfort ourselves on credit:

"I didn't pull the trigger
I never gave the orders
I didn't know what was going on
My grandfather did it"

The steel gates are locked
The filing cabinets are empty
The dentist can't see your teeth
For all the shit in your mouth

And when its grey and starts to rain
I look outside
And see the child
Through my window of pain

I do not long for the faded glory of the past
I do not live for the sublime promise of tomorrow
I do want to see the world around me
As it is


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