Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thomas Paine's Corner: Slaves to the "Free Market" Unite

This is an extremely well written post that encapusulates many issues of the day, with the strong message that we need a global response to globalisation.

No matter whether you are a garment worker in Bangladesh, a student in the anti-CPE movement in France or part of the dying middle-class in the US, the root problem is the same.

Global capital has maneuvered us into a "precarious" position; where our working lives are disposable, where the entirety of humanity has been placed in competition which each other as we fight for the scraps from the table of a small but powerful global elite.

We are doomed to fight in their meaningless wars, to fulfill meaningless jobs in order buy meaningless products.

This post is a call to take back our lives by uniting globally against this fickle slavery. This is not an empty call for "workers of the world to unite", but an appeal to realise the common humanity that we all share and to transcend the divide and rule tactics employed by global capital.

Read it here: Thomas Paine's Corner: Slaves to the "Free Market" Unite

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