Thursday, May 25, 2006

A tiny glimmer of hope...

... that all is not lost. It's not without a certain amount of glee that I heard today that George's big china Ken Lay got taken down today, along with Jeff Skilling. It may not be quite "Justice for All", but when 2 major cretins are found guilty on 19 of 28 charges it does restore one's faith in a legal system that has been severely eroded over last few years.

The Enron debacle is a prime example of the debauchery of what modern business management has become, and is merely the tip of the proverbial ice-berg, but as long as these two "titans" of business never see a window without bars again, I'll be happy. Mind you, I'm sure the lawyers are the ones who are going to be making the real skilling on appeal.


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