Thursday, June 29, 2006

Eyeless in Gaza

Peace does not come through having superior fire-power, it comes from the desire for peace. The Israelis certainly have enough fire-power, but I think they have no desire for peace. The Zionist land-grab in the Middle-East has historically been about expansion and systematic ethnic cleansing.

While the Palestinians may have the desire to live in peace, the Israeli Apartheid State rather seeks conflict over conciliation, provocation over progress and horror over humanity. Essentially on the day that the Hamas led government tacitly recognized the Israeli State, the Israeli response was to wind up the situation by sending tanks and warplanes into Gaza and Syria.

If there is anyone who desires peace in the region, it is most certainly NOT the Israeli government. A long time ago I came to the realization that the actions of the Israeli Government were in the same league as the National Party led regime in SA, but never in the darkest days of Apartheid did the SAAF ever mount airstrikes against civilians, bridges and power plants.

The current atrocities against the Palestinians are not about trying to find some waylaid corporal, this is about besieging the Palestinians and killing them off, whether via bombs or just good old starvation. This is ethnic cleansing. This is genocide. This is a war crime happening before our eyes.

Where is the international community? Why haven't the US and UK invaded Israel and put a stop to a situation far more grave than Kosovo?

Are we OK Now?

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qrswave said...

these are all very good questions.

it will never change as long as ordinary people go about their business as usual.

we must act.