Friday, June 16, 2006

Résultats médiocres pour le CNE

Just to follow-up on the question of the CNE, which is still law here in France despite the CPE being withdrawn, is that the CNE has not been a driver for creating employment.

A new study has revealed that only 10% of the contracts signed can be considered as "new" jobs. The remainder reveals that people have lost access to the higher status CDI or CDD jobs as employers have simply taken advantage of the weaker employement conditions of the CNE to have more "disposable" employees. These employment conditions aren't even in line with internationally accepted standards.

The official claptrap of how the CNE and CPE were supposed to create more employment is plainly a load of bollocks. For those people who want to work and have to accept precarious employment conditions which make getting a bank account or renting a flat even more difficult as is the case when you are under a CNE contract.

What I still don't understand is how some employees can be more equal than others?

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qrswave said...

They can't. Capitalisme sauvage is supremacism at its ugliest.

This cannot go on much further without some serious resistance. The recent riots in France demonstrated that.