Friday, June 23, 2006

Sub-blog :

In spite of a 1st class public education system, there is a surprisingly large number of geographically impaired French people who don't know where South Africa actually is.

If is say I am from "Afrique du Sud", they respond by saying "Yes, but where in Africa?" - to cut a long story short, all I have to do is say the single word: "Springboks".

Instantly, misunderstanding turns into a discussion of long duration. I am not a particularly sporty person, but I do enjoy the odd game of football and rugby. Living as a stranger in a strange land though, I have found that it is beneficial to know what's going on in the world of sports, as it is a "currency" of conversation, and I have become far more knowledgeable about football and rugby than I was back at home.

With the Rugby World Cup coming to France next year, I have started a new blog along with a couple of my chinas. It's more about sports than anything else and you'll find it under the "appellation d'origine contollée" (AOC) at

The fun part is that I get to play with WordPress too - a damn fine blogging app.

OK Now. And maybe OK later.

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