Thursday, June 15, 2006

Warm Beer and Cold Women

It's the heart of Saturday night when Tom walks through the door, pulls up a chair and asks me whether "I want to grow up?"

"Of course not!" I say, "Where do you think we are?"

The simple answer is that we are in The Houses of Parliament. The long answer is that it's another Cock & Bull Story. Either way, the beer is cold and the women are hot - but hey this is France isn't it?


Look; one of the things I love doing is producing websites and I've thoroughly enjoyed creating a site for my mates Jon and Sara who've opened two english pubs here in Bordeaux. That's small caps "english'' 'cos I ain't english, but hey, if you are ever here in BDX and fancy a pint of beer, then I say go to The HOP or The Cock.

Creating a website can be likened to giving birth, and this week I've been so focused on getting this site live that I haven't had the chance to properly update this here blog. None the less, here is the product of my labour:

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