Friday, June 02, 2006

When the police riot

"GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip Jun 1, 2006 (AP)— Thousands of Palestinian police officers joined a protest over unpaid wages Thursday, firing in the air and smashing windows. It was the most violent demonstration yet against the Hamas-led government.

The unrest came as the Islamic militant Hamas debated whether to agree to the idea of a Palestinian state next to Israel, including implicit recognition of the Jewish state, or face a national referendum. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has given Hamas until the middle of next week to decide." More...
Israel, the US and the EU have provoked this crisis in the Palestinian territories and the blood is going to be on their hands. If there ever was an axis-of-evil it is the concerted efforts of these three to deny the Palestinians their rights. Israel is a pseudo-state that was born out of terrorism. It is also a racist theocracy that is armed to the teeth with nukes and god knows what else because apparently he sanctions all of this. Hells bells and buckets of shit, if we were ever lacking a rogue state as an example, then we could always have Israel.

Just how many UN resolutions have been defied and vetoed here? I've lost count.

The Palestinians need to wake up fast and realize that they are being played off against each other in a classic "divide and rule" ploy - the real issue is the illegitimacy of the Israeli occupation and the theft of Palestinian land.

Their enemy is neither Hamas nor Abbas.

But why on earth is Team America and Team Europe supporting this insanity?

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qrswave said...

the mainstream media can't be trusted.

We need to look for a reliable independent source if we really want to know what's going on in Palestine.