Friday, July 28, 2006

Boycott Israeli Goods

Visit BIG :: Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign

Feeling sickened as I am by the outrageous atrocities being committed by Israel and the US? Well now more than ever it is time to boycott Israeli and US goods. There is a list of products and companies on the BIG Campaign website that gives one a good place to begin.


Anonymous said...

You fucking moron propigating the sterotype that french people are whiny bastards who whish they could again rule the west. Fucking find someone your own size to pick on, or go get your government to sponser an industry because no one there wants to innovate.

Israel pulled out of Gaza and see what they got? Ditto for Lebannon years ago. See what that did? And the 67 borders? product of being invaded by all the neighbors who werent happy with the previous borders.

Holy shit just because France wasnt able to defend itself in the 20th century doesnt mean other countries should roll over.

Fuck off!

jayzerz said...

My, my - with such invective you really do display such a wonderful intelligence. Just makes me want to roll over and believe that Israel is not a war mongering, imperialist and racist theocracy.

Oh and by the way, I am not French you doos.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you arent French... but you might be a closet anti-semite, maybe even closeted to yourself hiding behind a veneer of pseudo-intellectual liberalism. Maybe you enjoy having some bullshit moral ground for putting down Jews.

Find some real cause to put your time on like the several billion poor people who really need help from a broken world. Not a few million just trying to live in peace.

Or fucking just go to Israel and see whats its really like....

Anonymous said...

"the few millions who are trying to live in peace? I'm praying you didn't mean Israel as if there's anyone in this world who is trying to disturb the peace (through the US and UK) it's Israel.
Oh and by the way nice choice of words or is Fuck off the only way you can show your anger? How about hurling a bunker bomb at jayzerz you'll be sure to shut him up then as if the rocket blast doesn't kill him then maybe its uranium will.
I think YOU should go to Israel yourself and look at the beautiful country that has been turned from Palestine to Israel by you war mongerers and the how the Jews' rich lifestyle differs to the Palestenian poor lifestyle as a result of your racist zionist state. How about making a trip to Qana so you can see for yourself the 3 days old baby that was killed by Israel as Olmert claimed Hezbolla rockets were being fired from there.
I thank you jayzerz for this website.