Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A despicable war

It is disgusting to watch the behaviour of Israel and the US at the moment. The bombing of a UN Observer Post in Lebanon yesterday was a cowardly atrocity by Israel, who has the gall to call it an "accident", after having shelled the position throughout the day, and then finally flattening it with a (US supplied) precision guided bomb. Mark Regev's petulant lies in front of the world is truly sickening; the Israelis were well aware of the position of the Observation Post and there can be no doubt that it was a deliberate attack and any statement to the contrary is a flat out lie.

While we are on the subject of deliberate actions, the brutal position of Condi Rice and the US government in blocking an immediate cease-fire in Rome today, in order to allow the Israelis to wage their war of attrition against Lebanon and Gaza, is perhaps one of the most cynical and horrifyingly duplicitous political stands in known history.

This is NOT OK Now!

Demand a cease-fire immediately and that the US is prevented from particpating in these discussions, because the are no longer on the side of peace.

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