Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lebanon : Voices from within

I have access to CNN and BBC World here in France, and I channel hop to stay on top of the current events throughout the day, but I am now bored to tears with stories of how well the evacuation of foreigners is going. Even though I take everything I watch with a pinch of salt, ok ok, a truckload of salt, which doesn't help my blood pressure any, I still want to know what the people of Lebanon are thinking and doing. I rely on online sources for a far wider range of news, analysis and opinion from outside the Main Stream Media (MSM) than within.

Sean sent through a link to Ya Libnan which was born out of the "Cedar Revolution" of 2005, and provides and independent view from Lebanon. The site is well-worth a squizz and make sure you stop by the Politics section.

Another site to keep an eye on the moment is The Daily Star which is one of Lebanon's leading newspapers.

Stay tuned for more links.

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Papilles et pupilles said...

Very interesting links - thks !