Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Plan B : What Does Israel Want?

I think what convinced me that Plan B is now operational, has been the remarkable void that is George Bush's grasp on International Relations over the last few days. If I had dared to display such ignorance and profound lack of comprehension in a Politics 101w essay, I would surely have been awarded a big fat round zero, if not a negative mark.

It is truly frightening to behold, in this day and age, a US President who cannot think for himself and merely utters pre-rehearsed talking points. George, I am sure, has no clue as to what the real objectives and tactics of Plan B are; he has obviously been told to stick with the program and repeat the simple phrases like "Israel has a right to defend itself" and "Lebanon must implement UN Resolution 1559".

When I say that Ehud received the go-ahead for Plan B at the end of May in Washington, I reckon he was very spare with the actual details for George, as it would be dangerous for George to be out in public and blabbing his mouth off as is his habit. George is undoubtedly a Mushroom President (more in the sense of being kept in the dark and fed bullshit than the cloud sense, I hope) and Plan B calls for a calculated escalation of tension that prepares the battlefield in Israel's favour whilst being cloaked in "victimhood" - there can be no hint at all of this being a pre-planned setup to take down Syria and Iran.

To understand better how Israel is opening the war up, front by front, I highly recommend reading the following article which gives an enormous insight into how the military planners have approached the operational aspects of Plan B. They have been itching to use their accumulated military might for years now and if this were simply just a "defensive action", we would not have seen the destruction that has been meted out over the last few weeks.
"Even the most partial reports in the Israeli press of what was proposed by the army to Ehud Olmert’s government as possible operations in the coming days, indicate clearly what enthuses the Israeli generals these days. Nothing less that a total destruction of Lebanon, Syria and Tehran."

Read the full article here
The key point made in the article is the Israeli Generals have been gunning for a high-intensity conflict for years now, and that may well have been unleashed at the beginning of June. Whether it is sooner rather than later though, the attacks on Syria and Iran also form part and parcel of Plan B. More analysis on Plan B comes from and article on; while it is hard to actually find any evidence or desire on the part of Iran to goad the Israelis into attacking, reasoning it all out indicates that there is a lot more strategic advantage for the Israelis to take down Hamas and Hizbollah now with their larger objective being regional domination:
"Accusing Israeli officials of using the Lebanon crisis to find new reasons to attack Iran, Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies writes that "There is no evidence that [Iran] dominates the Hezbollah or has more control than Syria. … Until there are hard facts, Iran's role in all of this is a matter of speculation, and conspiracy theories are not facts or news."

On the contrary, the one state that may have a strategic interest in expanding the conflict is Israel itself. Numerous Western states have condemned Israel's actions as disproportionate and inflammatory. "One could ask if today there is not a sort of will to destroy Lebanon," France's President Jacques Chirac told reporters. "I find, honestly, like most Europeans, that the reactions are completely disproportionate."

Tel Aviv seems to have – with a potential future showdown with Iran in mind – sought an opportunity to neutralize Hezbollah and Hamas in order to weaken Iran's deterrence and retaliation capabilities. Over the last few months, Israel's policy on Iran has been reassessed, partly due to Iranian warnings that it would retaliate against Israel if the United States targeted its nuclear facilities.

Through Hamas and the Hezbollah, Iran could bring the war to Israeli territory, a scenario that has further accentuated Israel's vulnerability to asymmetric warfare. By preemptively attacking Hamas and the Hezbollah now, Israel can significantly deprive Iran of its capabilities to retaliate against the Jewish State in the event of a U.S. assault on Iran. Once Iran obtains a nuclear capability, however, this option may no longer be available to Israel."

Read the full article here

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