Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

Finally, I'm getting some hate mail, because I dared to quote Ismail Haniyeh, the only person who is imparting any sense at the moment. Apparently I am an "anti-semitic french asshole" [sic]. The only thing insulting about that is calling me French. Doos.

In the true style of hate mail though, the objective reality and facts are ignored, to push a greater subjective agenda of unreasoned fear and hate.

You see, the fact is I am not an "anti-semite". I have no prejuidice against the semites (both Arab and Jew) of the Middle-East. But I will tell you what I am: I am a militant "anti-arsehole" who is categorically against stupid dooses. I am also virulently "anti-racist" and extremely "anti-neocon". I also believe that people have the right to defend themselves when they are attacked by arseholes, racists and neocons.

I grew up under Apartheid and I have a first hand experience of arseholes, racists and other assorted fascists. I fought them then and I will fight them now, because I have witnessed good and evil in people and I decided a long time ago to be on the side of truth and justice.

I have no prejudice against Jews or the Jewish faith, but I have a major issue with the Israeli State and the Zionist project. I fail to see how lobbing heavy artillery shells at civillians on a beach while they are having a picnic is meant to resolve the problems in the Middle-East.

Destroying civillian infrastructure in the latest incursion into Gaza cannot be construed as an "counter-terrorist" operation. Peace does not come through superior fire-power, it comes from the true desire for Peace. This is not something the Israeli State is demonstrating at the moment.

A violent military occupation will never bring Peace to the region. In his article, Ismail Haniyeh provides a far clearer path to Peace, but it is a route that the Israeli State is patently not prepared to accept. The shocking part of all of this is that they have been supported by successive US adminstrations and taxpayer money.

Peace could have been established in the Middle-East a number of years ago, but all genuine attempts at a Peace Process have been consistently sabotaged by the Israeli State, and that is why I now regard the Israeli State as a failed project. The Israeli State does not want Peace. It is time that they folded up their tent and left the Middle-East for good.

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