Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sense and Sensibility

Ismail Haniyeh, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority, was published by the Washington Post today. Rare as it is though, to encounter the Palestinian view in the western media, Haniyeh presents a sensible arguement, even while under threat of extermination by Israel, recalling as he does the American Independence from British Colonial rule.

Aggression Under False Pretenses

By Ismail Haniyeh
Tuesday, July 11, 2006; Page A17

GAZA, Palestine -- As Americans commemorated their annual celebration of independence from colonial occupation, rejoicing in their democratic institutions, we Palestinians were yet again besieged by our occupiers, who destroy our roads and buildings, our power stations and water plants, and who attack our very means of civil administration. Our homes and government offices are shelled, our parliamentarians taken prisoner and threatened with prosecution.

The current Gaza invasion is only the latest effort to destroy the results of fair and free elections held early this year. It is the explosive follow-up to a five-month campaign of economic and diplomatic warfare directed by the United States and Israel. The stated intention of that strategy was to force the average Palestinian to "reconsider" her vote when faced with deepening hardship; its failure was predictable, and the new overt military aggression and collective punishment are its logical fulfillment. The "kidnapped" Israeli Cpl. Gilad Shalit is only a pretext for a job scheduled months ago.

Read his full article here.

The scale of the double standard is beyond stupefying. As a first step, the aggressive state of Israel must be forced to withdraw to the pre-1967 boundaries immediately. Her rampant military thugs must be demobilized and the process of nuclear disarmament must begin in earnest. All Palestians refugees must be allowed to return to their lands right now and be provided with compensation and restitution.

Nothing less should be acceptable to the International Community. It is clear, that after more than 50 years, the Israeli-Zionist project has failed and should be consigned to the trash can of history.


icarustracker said...

Isn't that special; so much sympathy for a murderer and terrorist who now is getting his behind kicked and well deserves it.

You might have a bleeding heart and fall for this crap, but I, as well as many other folks in the USA and around the world, do not. It's time people realized murderers for what they are; ignorant murders, trying to now sound like a Greek Orator.

qrswave said...

icarustracker, you can run but you cannot hide from the truth.

The world stands against you. For now, you have bigger guns than anyone else. But, the worm will turn.

Deal with reality before reality deals with you.

jayzerz said...

icarustracker is quite right when said we must see the murderers for what they are; murderers.

My question is who are the murderers and who are the defenders against evil?

My answer is clear; let the truth prevail.