Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stop Terrorism. Stop "Israel".

I had to take some time out for Bastille Day, but I am amazed how the spin has been spun, especially on CNN, over the last few days. No longer is Mr. Big Ears (otherwise known as Mark Regev) prattling on about Hamas, but the "new" specter of Hizbollah who are allegedly supported by Iran. No proof is offered for this in any way whatsoever. Supposedly, "Israel" is now under attack "without provocation" by a bunch of "rag-heads" with a couple of super-duper rockets. In the last 48 hours we now have a new so-called "blameless-victim".

And for this reason, Mr Big Ears is polluting my TV again.

But Mark, will you please speak to your bosses and get out of the program. Tell them that you are sick of blowing smoke up everyone's arse and you can't deal with it anymore. The barbarism is just not assceptable anymore. Stop talking their crap will you and just speak the truth china: "Israel" has embarked on a campaign to launch WW3. Just be honest about it will you.

The scariest part is that "Israel" is now intent on winding up the whole situation, and the biggest thing that freaks me out, is that some other major-big fuckers are pretty damn close to saying that "enough is enough" because they are so pissed off with "Israel". Like we all are.

Lebanon, and the Hizbollah, have had very little to do with the current situation, other than how "Israel" has become intent on roping everyone else in the Midlle-East into their crazed one-way ticket to Armageddon.

Right now, "Israel", does have a choice, and she can still stand down - because if she doesn't, she will go down in history as the cause of one of the most destructive wars on the planet.

For my part, I don't need this shit in my life ok.

I really do have enough to deal with already, and WW3 just isn't on my list of things to get into right now.

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shame on you