Monday, July 31, 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday

There is a war that must be stopped.

It is yours.

It is mine.

It is ours.

Now is time to act!

The second massarcre of Qana is a turning point in this intolerable war being waged by Israel and her Anglo-American bed-mates. There can be no longer be any fence-sitting; as I have always said, the problem with sitting on the fence is that you get slashed to bits by the razor wire.

This is a war by Israel, the US and the UK to dominate the oil and water of the Middle East. It is a war that is designed to establish Israel as a hegemon in the Middle East, acting as a proxy for Anglo-American interests in a region in which they have actually have no say, other that their neo-colonial interests. It is up to the people of the region to determine their future without the meddling of these rogue states.

The real aim of this war is to provoke Syria and Iran to joining this war by the unconscionable Israeli actions. I commend the Syrians and Iranians for not having thus entered into the conflict in a direct way. Without their restraint we would already be on the brink of a major disaster. That is why we must act now to stop this war.

We have to take sides - you are either for this war or not. I am not. The calculated bombing and destruction of Palestine and Lebanon, with the collusion of the US and UK is reprehensible, and must stop now!

There is no military solution to this conflict and the political solution to this situation demands a true honest broker. Neither the US or the UK can be involved in this as they have already sullied their role in this conflict by their partisanship.

I hereby issue an International Citizen Arrest Warrant for Ehud Olmert, George W. Bush and Tony Blair for crimes against humanity. Furthermore, this International Citizen's Arrest Warrant applies to the entire political and military leadership of Israel, the US and the UK, most notably including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz.

Under this International Citizen's Arrest Warrant, I hereby declare that we, as citizen's of planet have right to demand the immediate arrest of warmongers and genocidal maniacs. The transfer of the aforementioned state's leadership must be carried out to the Hague for immediate processing by the International Court of Justice forthwith.

This Arrest Warrant is concomitant to the demand that the state of Israel is declared as a failure by the UN and the immediate reversal of all UN resolutions regarding the state of Israel must be nullified by a superseding resolution that declares that the state of Israel is unable to live in peace with it's neighbours, and must therefore be declared a failure.

The immediate dissolution of of the state of Israel must be the highest order of business on the agenda of the UN General Assembly. The only UN resolution that would count right now is the re-establishment of the original state of Palestine as determined by the pre-1946 boundaries of Palestine as a single, democractic state.

Anything less is a crime a against humanity.


Anonymous said...

All Muslim are not terrorist but all terrorist are Muslim.

All major conflict in the last 20 years and current conflicts involve Muslim. So much for the religion of peace.

Where is the Muslim community the silent majority who do not support the terrorist.

jayzerz said...

With logic like that you have just shot yourself in the foot my friend.

Your terrorist is my freedom fighter.

Take a deep look, and you'll find that all major conflicts are about natural resources and power, where religion is used as a cyncial pretext and cover for all kinds of atrocities.

All religion boils down to the pointless arguement of whose imaginary friend has the biggest dick.

Cybonator said...

All major conflicts in the past 20 years have involved the US, land of the free indeed. Anonymous, your sense of geography and history is appalling. The most number of people to have died in the shortest amount of time since the fire-bombing of Tokyo did not involve Muslims and happened 10 years ago, I'll leave it to you to figure out