Sunday, July 30, 2006

What needs to be done

Above all else I am a loyal South African citizen. I believe that South Africa has achieved through struggle a unique place in world, where truth and justice is of the highest order in all civil affairs. In this, I believe there is a moral burden that all South Africans must assume. For this reason I want to make clear what it is that I expect from my elected representatives by way of the following:

  • I call on the South African Government to recognise only one State of Palestine in it's Pre-1948 boundaries.
  • I call on the South African Government to demand an immediate cease-fire between all parties involved in the Middle East.
  • I call on the South African Government to demand the total nuclear disarmament of the current State of "Israel".
  • I call on the South African Government to immediately withdraw our ambassadors from Tel Aviv, Washington D.C. and London. Furthermore, the expulsion from South Africa, of the ambassadors and all diplomatic staff, of the afore-mentioned states to their countries of origin must happen with immediate effect.
  • I call on the South African Government to impose a strict regime of sanctions and a blanket boycott against Israel, the US and the UK and to deny and to interdict by force if necessary, all trade with the afore-mentioned states.
  • I call on the South African Government to use its influence in the African Union, United Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement to encourage other countries to do the same.
  • I call on the South African Government to demand the immediate closure of the UN Security Council and the transfer of decision making entirely to the UN General Assembly, where a simple majority decision must be binding on all members of the UN with no veto allowed.
  • I call on the South African Government to demand the immediate cessation of hostilities in the Middle-East and to assist in the facilitation of negotiations between all concerned parties.
  • I call on the South African Government to censure, sanction and prosecute any South African citizen who assists the military forces of Israel, the US and the UK , either directly or indirectly, under the Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Act. This must apply globally and with specific reference to Iraq and Israel.
  • I demand that Israel immediately withdraws all Israeli Occupation Forces from Gaza, Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Syrian (Golan) Heights, the Sheeba Farms and Lebanon to the pre-1946 boundaries of Palestine, until such time as an internationally monitored and enforced peace process determines the boundaries of a ONE state of "PALESTINE". For obvious reasons the US and the UK should not be a party to this peace process.
  • I demand that all previous UN resolutions relating to Israel are implemented with immediate effect and that the UN ensures that Israel fulfils its obligations in terms of international law.
  • I demand that Israel abides by the provisions of international humanitarian law and human rights law, and refrains from imposing collective punishment on Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.
  • I call on Israel to release all detained Palestinian ministers and legislators and to release all political prisoners with immediate effect.
  • I call on the EU to stop the severe sanctions imposed by Europe on the Palestinian Authority as a penalty for exercising their democratic right and electing a government of their choice.
  • I call on the United Nations to implement the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on Israel’s Apartheid wall.
Amandla! Ngawethu! All Power! To The People!

Please note that I have changed this post to demand that we actually do away with UN Resolution 242 and declare that Israel is a failed state. We need a UN Resoultion that recognises that Israel is failure as a state, and that we must return to the orginal state of Palestine, under a democratic order in which all refugees are allowed to return to their homeland.

Anything less is a crime agaisnt humanity.

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