Thursday, August 03, 2006

The answer is a question


Jen said...

Apparently many have forgotten too soon.

Peaceandlove said...

Epouvantable photo d'une petite fille qui signe une bombe ou un missile, je ne sais pas, je suis pacifiste, et qui envoie son amour à Nasrallah, le chef du Hezbollah.....

J'ai lu un peu vos posts, Monsieur. Comment pouvez-vous ainsi propager la haine? Comment peut-on imaginer que c'est en détruisant un peuple que les problèmes des Palestiniens et des autres seront résolus? Que font les pays arabes qui devraient aider "leurs frères" ?

Comment pouvez-vous vivre avec de telles oeillères qui vous empêchent de voir la réalité ?

jayzerz said...

Merci bien pour votre commentaire peaceandlove. I am glad that you are a pacifist as they are few and far between these days.

I really do hope that you are not accusing me of promoting hatred, as that is not my objective. You, like me, have just as much right to be on this planet. I am here to defend your rights, just as much as I hope you are here to defend mine.

I am an humanist, and I expect everyone to act with that same responsiblilty, but when I see soemeone acting against humnanity, i will speak out. In many ways, it is why I write this blog, and I fail to see what "blinkers" you suggest that I have. Perhaps you should read everything I have written on this blog, before jumping to your conclucsions.

And which "reality" is it that you suggest I view? Because I see one reality where Israel is committing crimes against humanity and I feel compelled to speak out against that.