Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israel is a terrorist state

Candle Light Vigil in support of the People of Lebanon, Place de la Victoire, Bordeaux, 31 July 2001 - 21h00

Emotions are running high these days; seeing the raw anguish of one woman who has family in Lebanon, brought a tear to my eye.

About 500 people gathered in the Place de la Victoire to display their horror and disgust at the atrocities of Israel. One man said to me that it is so terrible that we were gathered there not in celebration but in sadness.

This girl's placard proclaims that "Little girls of Israel, the bombs you signed, have been recieved by our destroyed bodies". It has to be one of the worst PR disasters for Israel ever - those pics of the girls signing the bombs - but the fact is that they did it. The young daughters of Israel have been perverted by the racist ideology of the Israeli theocracy. Hitler would have been proud to accomplished such utter brainwashing.

The Lebanese flags and sense of spirit in the gathering was moving, and everyone agrees on the need for an immediate cease-fire without conditions.

This is a massacre and must be stopped immediately. We have to demand that the UN is broken free of the repeated hamstringing of the US. We have to demand that governments take action now to halt this insanity.

As I stood there, the words "Fuck Israel" went through my head like a mantra. I have been struggling to come terms with a state that, given the history of Juadism, should be the world's light of human rights and the first defender of the oppressed and subjugated, acts as though the lessons of the holocaust are the textbook for their Imperial project in the Middle East.

Zionism = Nazism.

That is now so clear.

The gathering was also attended by the organised Palestian committees. This is the very banner that wasn't welcome at a similar Lebanese gathering 2 weeks ago, but people seem to have woken up to the fact that the fate of the Palestinians is intimately tied with the people of Lebanon. And Syria. And Iran. It is all one struggle.

There was also a yellow Hizbollah flag at the gathering and even here in France one get's the impression that the Lebanese community views Hizbollah as the resistance, and the only viable resistance to the Israeli aggression.

Additionally, there was a black anarchist flag being carried in the square. Good.

OK Now, where does one sign up for Hizbollah membership?


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Très bon Blog vivant, documenté et surprenant de clairvoyance et de liberté. Bravo.

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I may have to introduce a comments policy on this here blog, because I have no time for anonymous wankers who take it upon themselves to show their small-mindedness. OK Now, I actually grew up in jewish neighbourhood and I already know all about what some jews think about about the goyim. Your comments are not appreciated and if you are not willing to debate an issue rationally you will be deleted.