Sunday, October 22, 2006


That's the number of cars that are burnt-out every day in France this year. 112. And that's just the average figure. The true figure is likely even more unbeliveable, considering what actually goes unreported.

Can you say "Class War"? Anyone?

Attacks on police and emergency services are up for something like 10% this year, while little has changed in the suburbs that were the focal point of last years riots. By and large though, little has changed in France for the last 10 years, other than the introduction of more state repression. Thank SarkoNazi for that. And Chirac.

As France stumbles headlong into another Presidential election, this is likely to become one of the major concerns thrown at the voting populace by the turgid "official" media. The problem I have with this "failure of state-control" is that it is never recognised as an inherent failure of capitalism, but as some form of aberrant behaviour on the part of a "miscreant section" of the population.

France's model of social integration sucks big time and that is the real problem. Sarko's response, as #1 copper in the land, has been to throw more boere at the problem. The people's response can be measured by the fact that more police are being injured every day in violent clashes.

More so now than ever before, the police are perceived as the enemy because they are at the front-line of the repressive state's attack on the population. This will not change until the people wake up and realise that they have voted for the problem and not a solution. But short of another revolution, this wake-up call looks to be a long-time coming.

Revolt Now! OK!

Post Scriptum: As an anti-carist, I say; only 112 a day? Surely more can be done than that?!

Long live public transport!

Post Post Scriptum: I'd never throw a molotov cocktail into a public bus. I see far too many people in their cars by themselves every morning while I am sitting on the bus on the way to work. My molotovs are reserved for them. Only.

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qrswave said...

it's ridiculous.

people are so clueless as to what the real problem is and how they can go about solving it.

i guess it's to be expected considering how uneducated they try to keep the masses and how many of our leaders they've picked off so that we lack direction.