Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Project for the New American Cemetery

Or just PNAC if you prefer... 'cos today we all have a choice to make... and y'all just have to go to Omaha Beach to know how it feels.

If you can't get there, let me tell you how it feels; Death. Destruction. And chaos... in no uncertain terms.

Overlooking Omaha beach is one of the saddest places on the planet - The American Cemetery for soldiers who died after zero-hour of the Normandy Landings on June 6 1944.

The most frightening aspect of a visit to Omaha Beach, and the cemetery there, is how far we have NOT come as people on this planet.

War sucks. Big time. But here is the thing of it; War is avoidable and there are at least 101 solutions to every problem.

We just have to be open.

Open to finding the solution rather than being part of the problem.

While it might sound simple to say that, it is hard to comprehend for most people. But at the end of the day it is actually easy; all one has to do is say "I want to be of part of the solution!"

Together we will make it happen.

We cannot sit on the fence any longer, because the problem with sitting on the fence is that we get slashed to bits by the razor wire.

Donald Rumsfeld may just be a political casualty of the day, but there is a larger problem of the neo-con project for a new american cemetry that needs to be overturned. And that is about finding peace amongst all people.

Today we stand on the verge of new era. Potentially. Donny got his marching orders today, but there is still a shit load of work to do.

The wake-up call is ringing - are you ready just to say: "No More War!" ?

O-Fuckin'-Kay Now!


Mercbird said...

Aaaw crap, I thought we got first dibs on 'New' ie the NEW South Africa, and even the 'African Century'. No wait. Thats 'African Renaissance' renai...century...something...

Buggeritall, lets just play buzzword bingo on the news channels, shall we?

Nice work on the pic though, can we make one themed 'New African Cemetery'? Plenty death (just down the steet), destruction, chaos and fence sitting here. Oh, I also added razorwire to the backyard to prevent sitting on the fence, and 'affirmative shopping' of my property. That seemed to solve the problem.

I still only sleep four hours per night, checking defenses and the 'perimiter'. Solutions like finding work for and feeding the hungry nightly 'shoppers' seems very idealistic when your own basic safety is in question. Perhaps I'm just a cranky insomniac bitch for thinking 'me first'

qrswave said...

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Where have you been?! Great post!

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