Saturday, November 04, 2006

Trial and error

With the apparent sentencing of Saddam looming, whatever Saddam did or did not do is still a moot point. The illegal invasion of Iraq and the phoney tribunal that has tried him holds no real legal weight other than what has been cooked up by the US Imperial machine and their stooges in Iraq. The fact that this trial even went ahead in the first place is, indeed, a sad day for democracy on the planet.

The proper trial for Saddam should have have occurred under the auspices of the International Court of Justice and not the kangaroo court of US Imperialism. The fact that Baghdad is going to be under lockdown for the sentencing is an indication of just how far things have gone awry.

The potential that the sentencing of Saddam by what is in effect a lynch mob, will be used to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq by the current Republican Administration just before a crucial election defies belief.

I can easily name 101 other fuckwit politicians who should be in front of the world's attention - PW escaped his reckoning in front of the people and lived his days out in bliss. Pinochet can still eat caviar as far as I can tell, and Sharon is still breathing our precious oxygen. Where are our priorities?

There are number of real cases which should be before the ICJ at the moment, and the fact is that they are not, is an indictment on the lassitude of the current US regime.

Until we the people stand up and say enough is enough, we will have crap rulers. The biggest voice for that will come on the 7th of November in the US this year, but will that voice be enough to counter the rigged voting?

Forward to free and fair elections! Let the people speak!

Fucking OK Now!

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