Thursday, December 07, 2006

Watch out here I come

All right all you dirty Anglo-Saxons out there, who think that France is still full of garlic-munching, beret-wearing, baguette-bearing French people, get ready for the uniquely French view of the world: France 24. Launching tonight at 20:30 local time, Jacques Chirac's pet riposte to CNN and BBC World goes live. In a nod to the fact that there are some people who still speak English, the channel is to be broadcast in French and English.

All the journos have apparently been indoctrinated in "French Values", which presumably entails lengthy lectures on "Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite" and how France is a country that is founded on Human Rights. I guess they won't be reporting much on the annual figures of French arms sales to war-torn regions around the world. Oh well.

Still it will be nice to have something else to watch, other than the crud dished out by BBCNN.

OK Now.

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