Thursday, February 22, 2007


I hope I'm not the only crazy person on this planet

- Just give me 340 ml. -

I hope my craziness will be shared, far and wide, unspoken, unsung, but yet real and blue:

- Just like I'm in the real deep groove -

I hope I never end up on a reality TV chat show

- Just like some fat nobody -

Let it begin:

My madness, quite frankly, is personal...

yet politcal,

yet sensual,

yet life-and-like-wise,

And right now, coming at you live.

All alive, right now, but just between you and me,

I want to roll the last dice

You OK with that?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not One More Death

Not One More Death by John le Carre, Richard Dawkins, Harold Pinter, Brian Eno
Reviewed by Sean Badal

Not much of a book this, at 57 pages, and most of the essays have appeared in some form or the other, in the Guardian. But it’s published by those doughty anti-war people, Verso (publishers of entire oeuvre of Tariq Ali), and I always feel charitable towards them. Well, buying this book was an act of charity really, considering I’d read all it before. Still, it’s great to have all the polemical essays in one neat little package, and whenever I feel the embers of anger dimming against those two monsters, I just dip into this book at random and rekindle the rage, so to speak. Oh, for the day when those two are swinging from the gallows…

I’ve always liked John le Carre as a novelist, especially the George Smiley stuff, but I always thought he was a bit of an old right-wing codger, so it was especially pleasing to read his fulminations against the war in the Guardian (guess the Times and Telegraph weren’t interested). Richard Dawkins and Harold Pinter are as acerbic as usual – pity they didn’t include Terry Jones’s pieces here – it would have added a nice balance.

What I like most about this book was its sense of pamphleteering that recalls Dekker, Middleton, etc, and it’s a great loss that that more of this kind of publication - and publishing houses - don’t exist. Oh sorry, I forgot, there’s the internet.

Publisher: Verso
Year: 2006

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

God's Own Army

It was just this morning, that I was thinking about how Machiavelli was a twat and just how far Empire over-reach can really get to, when I read that the Pentagram is gearing up to establish it's own Afrika Korps Africa Command. What did we Africans ever do to deserve such an honour? Again?

Yet another bunch of white men in uniforms. Ho hum. Nothing new there.

I did stop to wonder though, after reading recently about how the Pentagram as an organization is already the world's largest consumer of oil, and what they might possibly be after this time:

Yes, the US military is completely addicted to oil. Unsurprisingly, its oil consumption for aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and facilities makes the Pentagon the single largest oil consumer in the world. By the way, according to the 2006 CIA World Factbook rankings there are only 35 countries (out of 210) in the world that consume more oil per day than the Pentagon.
But wait, that's not all, with 737 known foreign installations around the globe, the Pentagram is also one of the biggest landowners on the planet:

The total of America's military bases in other people's countries in 2005, according to official sources, was 737. Reflecting massive deployments to Iraq and the pursuit of President Bush's strategy of preemptive war, the trend line for numbers of overseas bases continues to go up.

Yes folks, that's "known", officially accounted for bases. Now we are told that there is going to be a land grab in Africa, which I guess means not only buying up hot property, but also making parts of Africa safe for oil prospectors and pipe-line builders; we have to ask ourselves what the fuck is going on here?

This is far bigger than MacDonalds. Or even Unlucky Fried Kittens (KFC) for that matter.

Thank god though that there is nary a peep about bringing democracy, peace and freedom to Africa. After the balls up of the US military invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US Administration and their cohorts of mercenaries would be well advised to just stay the hell out of Africa.

We can do well without the false propaganda shit OK?

Take your play crusader Empire elsewhere please - we already have enough real problems to deal with. NOW!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stamp Out Dogshit

I hereby throw my hat into the ring.

I've decided to run as President of France*.

All you have to do is write "Jayzerz" onto the ballot paper and make a mark next to it, because this is a supposed democracy and you can vote for me or whomever you like.

As a first question you might ask is; why vote for Jayzerz?

Simply, unlike the other contestants, I have the following propostion to solve the issues that face a slightly-modern-France and the world today:

"Stamp Out Dogshit!"

Getting rid of dogshit from the pavements of France is the hardest first step to building a better France! Forward to a new world!

A France free of dogshit? I hear you ask that of me...

Imagine the possibilities! I say!

Like any politician, I could just say "Believe in me", but my slogan must also be translated as 'cut the crap!' into all languages.

As you know, there are many problems facing France, and the rest of the planet, but none so calamitous as dogshit...

Doing away with such merde is possible!

You really don't have to trust in me at all, just do what needs to be done: refuse to listen to the kak that all career-politicians speak.

No matter what Nicolas Royal or Selogene Sarkozy might tell you; which would be something like;
"a strong France is a France that doesn't smell of crud on your shoe as a croque on the pavement free-France like maybe entity that someday will rule the world type national thingamig might possibly bring about even more taxes type thingymajig type typething...x100**"

Everything else that they might say in the rest of the politcal debate is a load of old poop!

Vote for Jayzerz!

Vote from the ground up!

A dogshit free France is better France!

A vote for me is the first clear step towards a dogshit free France, a step towards the complete reformation of French Society! Everything else is just wishful thinking - I will deal with the fundamental problem FIRST by re-introducing the summary guillotine for those who let their dogs shit on their neighbour's doorstep.

This is the first step towards salvation. A new beginning to create a culture where France may finally take it place in a civillized world free from the shackles of its present pavement malaise.

Zero Tolerance for dogshit! I just don't want to stand on the stuff anymore.

There is a huge problem, not just in France, but in the world today...

That problem is the fact that too many people are accepting too much crap in their lives today**.

My response is for you to put your foot down and say: "No more shit in my life!"

When we all do it, we can clean up the shit and prevent it from happening again. So say it. Out aloud, and altogether now;

"No More Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It's not about me, it''s about you!

So this is my Election Manifesto; deal with it.

Vote Now! Vote Jayzerz! OK!

*Just because everyone else seems to be doing it these days; anyone with a fax machine and a dog is running for president today. It's a friggin nightmare of democracy gone wrong. The French Left has gone pear-shaped; so-called would-be left and right-wing-contenders are appearing out of the woodwork every day and everyman Jack is running for prez. I can't really do it - as I am not a so-called French National - so just play along, ok? In fact, why not send a postcard or Rizla® vote in from wherever you are, to the Palace Elysee so I can see how many votes I get!

** So here is the real news: I am sadly disappointed by French politics. I thought it might be interesting to cover, blogwise, the next French Pesidential election, post-Chirac and all... but it has really has been a third rate dog and pony show thus far, so don't get your knickers in a knot quite yet, I'll report in when there something interesting to finally cover...