Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not One More Death

Not One More Death by John le Carre, Richard Dawkins, Harold Pinter, Brian Eno
Reviewed by Sean Badal

Not much of a book this, at 57 pages, and most of the essays have appeared in some form or the other, in the Guardian. But it’s published by those doughty anti-war people, Verso (publishers of entire oeuvre of Tariq Ali), and I always feel charitable towards them. Well, buying this book was an act of charity really, considering I’d read all it before. Still, it’s great to have all the polemical essays in one neat little package, and whenever I feel the embers of anger dimming against those two monsters, I just dip into this book at random and rekindle the rage, so to speak. Oh, for the day when those two are swinging from the gallows…

I’ve always liked John le Carre as a novelist, especially the George Smiley stuff, but I always thought he was a bit of an old right-wing codger, so it was especially pleasing to read his fulminations against the war in the Guardian (guess the Times and Telegraph weren’t interested). Richard Dawkins and Harold Pinter are as acerbic as usual – pity they didn’t include Terry Jones’s pieces here – it would have added a nice balance.

What I like most about this book was its sense of pamphleteering that recalls Dekker, Middleton, etc, and it’s a great loss that that more of this kind of publication - and publishing houses - don’t exist. Oh sorry, I forgot, there’s the internet.

Publisher: Verso
Year: 2006

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