Friday, March 16, 2007

The Bunfight of the Inanities

There I was thinking that the 2007 French Presidential elections might be worth writing about. Boy, was I wrong; its worse than a Tom Wolfe novel, that much I can tell you. To a casual observer like myself, its even worse than trying to watch French TV on a Saturday night.

We are being bombarded with wall-to-wall coverage each time one of the candidates farts. Turn on the idiot-box and Nicolas Sarkozy is falling over his smarmy self again, pick up a newspaper and Selogene Royal's latest gaffe litters the front page, switch on the radio and Le Pen is ranting on about how France should dig a deep trench along her borders and cast off from Europe.

What grates me the most is that these are all career politicians (with the exception of Jose Bove), who have never done a real days work in their lives, all claiming to know what is best for France and the French people. They are being elevated to the level of celebrities and one wonders whether they shouldn't have gone into the entertaiment industry rather than politics.

Maybe the whole farce would be more palatable if Johnny Halliday was running off against Laetitia Casta - although I think neither are eligible anymore because they have "off-shored" for tax purposes. C'est la France.

On a more serious note though, if this nutjob Sarkozy gets the top dog position, I believe it will be a sign for me to pack my bags and move on tout suite. There are only two kinds of people in France: those who love him and those who hate him. If anyone has the potential to create the situation ripe for a civil war in France, it'll be our dear little Nicolas.

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