Sunday, May 06, 2007

Adieu à la France

Well its official now, Sarkozy has been elected el Presidente of the French Republic with an estimated 52.7% of the vote.

The subtitle of this blog, "How to win a revolution and lose the plot" holds true for France today. The French have elected their first truly right right-wing President since they got rid of the aristocracy over 200 years ago. Its a sad day for humanity as the light has just gone out in France.

Will we ever learn?

The French have shunned their own history in favour of savage neo-liberal capitalism, fascist authoritarianism and the racist xenophobia of a fortress police state. If I wanted to live in a country under those terms I would have gone to live in the UK.

France has thrown away an historic opportunity to forge a new vision for humanity and instead has chosen to follow in the path of Reagan, Thatcher, Aznar, Berlusconi and Bush.

The next 5 years will be hell in France.

I for one, have lived under fascist nutjobs before and I no longer feel welcome in France. I'm not going to be watching it go down the tubes.

I'm packing my bags and leaving.


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