Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mayibuye iAfrika

The title of this post means "Return to Africa".

It is something I have done, and it is something that you must do too.

I have done that. After 5 years of living in europe I have returned to Africa, my home.

For me it is about change - I've left France to it's own devices and have begun picking up the threads of my life in Africa.

Not that I ever left Africa, it is just that I have been away for while. It is good to be back though, because everyone here has been getting along just fine, and I have not been missed... ok, I have been been missed, but what I mean to say is that things are rockin' here and through no fault of my own.

I left my home for the love of someone else, but now I have returned, and through this I have learnt many things, most important of which is summed up in the bumper sticker; Eat, drink and remarry!

Ha! OK That's just a joke - although I did actually see that sticker once - nevertheless, there is a lot to be done, and this here blog will be adapting over the next few months to take into account some upcoming radical changes... stay tuned!


Andreas said...

Welcome home Jay!

Anonymous said...

As my Mother says "Love many, marry none." Best of luck to you in the homeland and give my best to my brother Mark when you see him.