Tuesday, July 07, 2015

And so it came to pass

Resistance is futile. I have always hoped that I could objectively view transition in South Africa as a progressive project. I realise now that I was mistaken, at least by a number of years where I thought the integrity of the transition would be held intact and I could tacitly and quietly support transformation in South African  society.

I can no longer condone such fuckwittery  as I am confronted with on a daily basis and feel compelled to change the orientation of this blog from an external analysis to one which asks hard internal questions about my own and others failings. And shit like that.

Ultimately I feel betrayed by the mafia-like group who have wrestled control of the African National Congress by a cabal who have quashed the  homegrown activists who bore the frontal attack of the dying apartheid regime.

The reality now needs to be questioned with a new  "OK Now", whether as an interrogative question or as a  bald statement.

Welcome to the new age of OK Now.

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